Organizational competency requires that proper document management processes be in place to ensure management of valuable business information, certificates, mark-sheet and transcript, notices, meeting minutes and other important documents accumulating on a daily basis. This involves the safe storage, security, and confidentiality of documents related to business intelligence and strategies, etc.

Document Management services inclusive of document management, digitization, imaging, indexing, tagging and archiving services are essential to ensure that information can be stored safely and retrieved quickly, when required.

However, most businesses and organizations are constrained by factors such as budget, limited number of staff and limited technology from extensive investment in document management services.  We provide on premises and cloud based document management tools and services within your budget as a managed service provider. And the best part is that you don’t need to invest anything.

Adroit provides cost-effective and flexible automated document management services for your organization including end-to-end strategic and tactical services for the entire data management cycle.

Scanning documents and interpreting the contents streamlines your document management and business process management, as all information becomes available digitally. The captured information can be processed automatically in systems for digital invoice processing, business process registration etc.

In addition to the document scanning that takes place at our customers’ premises, Adroit also has a proprietary scanning and interpretation facility. The premises are optimized for large-scale scanning, and we scan millions of documents for a large number of major customers each year.