Our Team has supplied and installed one of the most sophisticated Project called Center for Cognitive & Skill Enhancement (CCSE) at Independent University, Bangladesh. We have successfully installed and supplied 3D Printers, CNC Machine, Action Cameras, Virtual Reality Devices, Software etc. The aim of this project is to change that by introducing the students to the exciting world of logic, rationalization and decision making through games, apps and research. This center introduces undergraduate students with various development, analysis and synthesis tools and will engage them in research early in their studies. CCSE is aimed at creating students who can imagine boldly, think clearly, argue precisely and implement efficiently. Consequently this project has a high impact outcome of contributing to the sustainable development of knowledge-based economy of our nation. Center for Cognitive Skill Enhancement (CCSE) is a Sub-project of HEQEP which is a project of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, UGC.

More information about CCSE please visit : http://ccse.iub.edu.bd/