The project proposal submitted by IUB got selected for funding in the round 4 of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP). In total eight (8) universities have been awarded to setup fabrication laboratory (Fablab). IUB is the only private university that has won award with the budget of 1.6 crore BDT for two years period (Jan 2017 – Dec 2018). Dr. Mahady Hasan Asst. Professor of the university is leading this project as SPM. Adroit Technology is only company who have signed with them for supplying and installing Surface Studio, Action Camera, 3D Printers, High End Workstations and accessories.

This Lab shall be a university wide facility to provide fabrication facilities required to manufacture and deploy potential devices/products that have direct impact on local infrastructure. The purpose of the lab is to promote local innovations and provide proper fabrication facilities to meet industry standards. The lab provides a proper multidisciplinary work environment where engineers and makers can collaborate with AHSBL students to make working products that can be marketed by local businesses. The lab will provide necessary trainings to increase maker literacy among the users of the lab along with outreach programs to inspire school/college students. The lab will share ideas and collaborate with approximately 1000 Fablabs located in more than 78 countries.